We have just completed our Google Fit rebuild. Users will gradually be added to the new version by mid July.

Our connection with Google Fit allows you to send data from Google Fit to your challenge(s).

Please note that we post Google Fit data to a challenges every 24 hours.

Step 1: Connect with Google Fit

It is very important that you take the time to set this up correctly to avoid duplicate data or missing out on data you want.


  • Android device with Google Fit installed

  • The latest version of The Conqueror app installed

  • A Conqueror or My Virtual Mission account (they are the same thing)

Now all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Open and login to The Conqueror App on your Android mobile device

  2. While on your main screen, tap the menu button located at the bottom right of your screen (3 dots, and bars icon)

  3. From the option's menu, please select "Connections"

  4. Scroll down until you find the "Google Fit" option on your connections, and tap on the "Manage Button"

  5. On the following screen, you will be able to see your connection's status, tap on the "Connection with Google Fit" button

  6. You should receive some pop-ups on your screen requesting for permission (as shown on the video below), tap on allow, and select the Google Fit account, you would like to connect, once again, some pop-ups will appear on your screen, tap on allow.

  7. After completing the previous steps, you should be able to see the following screen, confirming you have successfully connected to your Google Fit account.

How to post pending Google Fit steps:

Your daily steps can be posted more regularly than 24 hourly, by using the semi-automated posting feature.

  1. In the main screen, refer to the lower pane and select Post a Distance (first icon to the left)

  2. Click on the Google Fit Walking + Running bar (the distance shown here should always reflect what you see in Google Fit, as shown below)

  3. Add any Photo / Comment you wish, choose the mission(s) that it will post to.

  4. Click "Post".

  5. Check the details and click "Confirm"

  6. You will see the activity post.

  7. You will also see that the pending distance has gone to 0.0mi/km.

Here are the steps in visual form:

Troubleshooting Google Fit

If your distances are not coming through from Google Fit as you expect them to, then please check every single point below before contacting support.

  • Please note that we post Google Fit data to a mission every 24 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted until the next day (after Google Fit detects steps on the next day).

  • Check that you have set up and enabled your connection with Google Fit by carefully following the set-up instructions above.

  • Check your challenges posting preferences to ensure your challenge is set to accept Google Fit data and the exercise type you want to post (walking becomes locked on, when Google Fit is selected because all Google Fit data posts as walking).

  • Close The Conqueror App and open it again, you may be prompted to allow The Conqueror to access Google Fit.

My distances are inaccurate

  • Check that the time zone on you The Conqueror account profile is set to the same time zone as your Android phone.

  • Remember if you have manually posted your Google Fit distances then your pending distance will not match the distance in Google Fit for the remainder of the day, and the end of day post will complete that daily distance.

Fixing Permission Denied

If you are seeing permission is denied when trying to connect to Google Fit, watch the video below to see the steps to update your permissions in Settings:

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