When you purchase a challenge from this challenge is not linked to you or your email so it can be gifted to someone.

For every challenge or "Multi Challenge Bundle" you purchase you will receive a unique code in your email for each challenge.

You do need to make sure you give the correct code to each person you are gifting. For example, a Hadrian's Wall entry code will only let you join Hadrian's Wall, however a Universal code will allow you to choose any Conqueror Challenge.

You can create a gift certificate on our website using this easy to use tool.

Redeeming a Gift Certificate

The person you are gifting will need to go to download The Conqueror App to sign up / log in and then redeem the code to join a challenge.

Another thing to keep in mind is that each person's account can only complete each Conqueror Challenge once. So if you know that the person you are buying the gift for already has an account be sure to purchase a challenge they haven't done before or a Universal code, via the bundles, to ensure they can use it.

A join code does not expire (but it can only be used once) so if you want to get your Christmas shopping done early that is no problem. 🎄

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