Share The Conqueror love with a friend or a family member by purchasing a challenge for them to complete.

You can purchase a specific challenge or a universal code so they can pick their own. You can also create a gift certificate on our website using this easy tool.

Note: Universal codes can be purchased in 2 ways:

  1. After you have purchased a specific challenge you will be asked if you'd like to add universal codes to the order.

  2. Purchasing a 5, 10 or 15 pack bundle.

As our join codes don't expire, this is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done early. 🎄

How to purchase a challenge for someone else:

  • Purchase online from The challenge will not be linked to you or your email so it can be gifted to someone else. Or:

  • Purchase a multi-challenge bundle. You'll be emailed unique codes for each challenge which you can then gift.

How to redeem a gift certificate:

The recipient will need to download The Conqueror Challenges App. After signing up / logging in, they can redeem the code to join a challenge.

A few notes:

  • Make sure you give the correct code to the recipient, e.g. a Hadrian's Wall join code will only let them join Hadrian's Wall, however a universal code will allow them to choose any Conqueror challenge.

  • A Conqueror challenge can be completed once. If you know the person you are buying the gift for already has an account, make sure you purchase a challenge they haven't done before or a universal code (via the bundles).

  • Their join code won't expire, but it can only be used once.

Need more help? Start a live chat on our support page of the App or Email our customer support team.

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