The virtual postcards are one of the features that our users like most. Every time you cover a certain distance, you should get a postcard emailed to the address linked to your account. Please keep in mind that postcards are only available for the following challenges:

Why am I not getting my postcards?

If you are already part of the challenges above and still have not received any postcards, please try the following:

  • Make sure you have already added a distance to your challenge. For most challenges, you need to reach a certain distance to get your first postcard. The amount may vary.

  • Check if the email that is linked to your account is written correctly.

  • Check your spam box to see if the postcard emails have been redirected there.

  • Verify that you have not marked our email as spam.

  • If you joined Hadrian's Wall, Inca Trail, or English Channel before May, you may have missed a couple of postcards because the feature was just added for these challenges, you can access the generic postcards here.

  • Please keep in mind that if you have deleted distances from your challenge, the postcards will not get resent.

  • If you still keep having issues, please contact support here.

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