Congratulations on finishing a Conqueror challenge!

We'll ask you for your address to send you a medal. You'll need to give us your address every time you complete a Conqueror challenge.

When your final distance pushes you across the finish line, a pop-up will appear in your mission page. To redeem a medal:

Your address will be run through a verification process at our distribution center. If there is an issue with your address, we will put the delivery on hold and our customer support team will email you.

For you to confirm the address for your LOTR medals, please follow the steps below:

- Go to your Profile

- Locate THE LORD OF THE RINGS Virtual Challenge Series

- Click on "View All Challenges"

- Locate your LOTR challenge

- Click the "Get your medal" option

- Confirm the address.

Need more help? Start a live chat on our support page of the App or Email our customer support team.

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