In order for us to send your medal to you with the highest level of success we ask for your address at the completion of your Conqueror Challenge.

If you are using The Conqueror App:

When your final distance that takes you past the finish line appears in your mission page you will see a pop up (at which point you can go back if your last distance was a mistake by clicking the text at the bottom of the screen).

If you want your medal tap the "REDEEM MEDAL" button:

You will then be asked to fill in your address details (on some phones you may need to scroll down to see the submit button):

Once you have submitted this there will be a confirmation screen, please check this and click confirm if it is correct.

Other important points

  • You will need to give us your address every time you complete a Conqueror Challenge, even if they happen to be that you complete 2 challenges at the same time.

  • Your address will be run through a verification process at our distribution centre, if this detects an issue with your address we will put the delivery on hold and our customer support team will email you, please keep an eye out for that email.

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