To join a challenge on The Conqueror app, please follow these steps:

1. Log into The Conqueror App

2. In the main screen, refer to the lower pane and select the last icon to the right as shown below.

3. Select Join a Challenge from the options:

4. In the Join a Challenge page, make sure you are in the Join Challenge tab.

5. You can then paste your code.

6. Select the time frame to complete the challenge

7. Once you have done everything above, click on Join Challenge

Here are the steps above in action:

If your join code is universal :

  • You will get to select which challenge you want

  • You will set the timeframe for your challenge.

If your challenge is a yearly challenge (E.G: Conquer 2020 or Conquer 2021):

  • Paste your join code, it will only allow you to select that challenge. It will not ask for a timeframe as it is a year-long challenge.

  • It will require a distance goal and a reason for you to do the challenge. If you wish to import your distances from other challenge, you can tick the checkbox.

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