Steps to Connect to Strava:

  1. In the main screen, refer to the lower pane and select the last icon to the right as shown below.

  2. Select Connections from the options.

  3. In the Connection page select the Strava connection and click on Connect.

  4. You should get the following screen and click on Connect with Strava.

  5. Input your credentials and Log in.

  6. Once logged in click on Authorize. Do not worry if you see My Virtual Mission, this is part of the Conqueror App.

  7. It should redirect you to the Conqueror App and should show as connected.

Here are the steps above in action:

Steps to Troubleshoot Strava:

If your distances are not coming through from Strava as you expect them to, then please check every single point below before contacting support.

  • Your privacy settings in Strava MUST be set as viewable by "Everyone" or "Followers".

  1. You can find this by first going to your Strava account on your phone app. On the main page, in the lower pane, click on Profile. Then to the top right, click on the gear icon.

  2. In the settings section, click on Privacy Controls.

  3. The in Privacy Controls click on Activities and make sure it is set to everyone. To update you can click on it and update to the correct option.

  4. The Everyone or Followers needs to be select.

Here are the steps above in action:

  • Please check in your Strava account that there are not any outstanding policy updates that you need to agree to i.e. Privacy policy etc.

  • Only distances AFTER you connect Strava to MVM will come in. i.e. It will not import any distances prior to the time you make the connection

  • If having issues, please double check that you have connected MVM to the correct Strava account. Some people accidentally have 2 Strava accounts with one being active and one being inactive. (Usually if they sign up with Facebook and then email)

  • Sometimes there can be a delay of a few hours from when you complete a Strava activity and when it gets sent to MVM, they do not post on time.

  • For some reason, sometimes the first distance you post in Strava after connecting to MVM doesn't come through. Keep an eye out and you may have to manually enter that first one.

  • Check your missions posting preferences to ensure your mission is set to accept Strava data and the exercise type you want to post such as walking.

  • If none of this works then delete your Strava connection from MVM and wait 24 hours and reconnect.

  • Please note: If you delete a distance in Strava it will not be deleted in MVM. You will need to delete it manually.

  • Sometimes at Strava's end they have timeouts and miss sending us data. This should not occur that often.

  • If after doing all this troubleshooting your devices is still not sync, email support at [email protected] with the following details: The app that you are using (The Conqueror or My Virtual Mission), Phone that your are using (E.G iPhone X, etc), your current Operating System and anything relevant for us to improve our connection. For some reason for 1% of our users, the Strava connection does not sync distances at all. This information will help us find the issues for improvements in the next app update.

We hope this helps with getting set up with Strava and My Virtual Mission.

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