Note: We have rebuilt the Apple Health Connection and this article has been modified 07/07/21.

The data that Apple Health sends to The Conqueror App is not distinguishable as "workout" or "not workout" data therefore it is currently not possible to only receive your running or walking from a "workout".

An outdoor cycle "workout" will come through separately to walking and running so you can record these.

If you need to connect The Conqueror App to Apple Health first read this article.

Here you will see the Posting Preferences that you need to turn on (Apple Health - daily cycling data) and turn off (Apple Health - daily step data).

Once your posting preferences are set your cycling distances will post daily or you can manually as shown above.

Other ways to record walking or running workouts

It is possible to post workouts using one of the other apps we connect with. adidas running is the recommended option. Please note this can record swimming, walking and cycling data.

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