Before you begin:

  • When using an Apple Watch the data that comes through to your Conqueror App is either Daily Steps or Workouts.

  • An outdoor cycle "workouts" will come through cycling so these can be distinguished between other workouts.

  • All other workouts that have distance based activity will come through as a distance, and these won't be visible in the Pending Distance section.

  • If you need to connect The Conqueror App to Apple Health first read this article.

  • If you have more than one challenge you can set different posting preference for each so you will need to follow the steps below for each challenge.

How to Sync Workout distances but not steps:

  1. Connect the Conqueror app to Apple Health (see article)

  2. Tap the Menu.

  3. Tap Settings, tap Posting Preference.

  4. Select the Challenge that you are setting the posting preferences for.

  5. Under connections, untick Apple Health - Daily Steps (If you also wanted to exclude cycling you can untick Apple Health - Daily Cycling as well)

  6. Under Activity Type, you can further personalize your preferences, by excluding types of exercise (or adding one type of exercise to one challenge and another type of exercise to another challenge)

  7. Tap Save.

  8. Before starting your exercise you must select Workout mode on your Apple Watch, and choose the type of workout.

  9. Repeat for other challenges if you require.

Step by Step Guide (in this example I only want my rowing workouts to post to Pacific Crest Trail):

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