To access this feature, please update to app version 2.1.6.

When you join a new challenge, you will be able to opt to plant 5 trees with every challenge or to stop 50 plastic bottles from entering the ocean with every challenge (1 tree OR 10 bottles at each 20% milestone).

  • This option is available as part of your process to join the challenge. You can tap either of the 2 options below the "Join a Team" options

  • Once you are on a challenge, you will be able to see the milestones for either Trees or Bottles displaying on your map, see below.

  • You can also see more information in the My Journey section:

Once you have joined a challenge, or if you are already on a challenge, you will not be able to switch between the 2 options, so you'll need to wait for your next challenge to change.

To see how many Trees have been planted and how many bottles have been prevented from entering the ocean, click on the menu button.

For more information, please click here.

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