Once you've entered your first Lord of The Rings join code, a Lord of The Rings virtual challenge hub will appear in your challenges.

From this hub, you can access two pages:
  1. Your current challenge, by tapping the challenge name (e.g. The Fellowship (Story).)

  2. All the Lord of the Rings virtual challenges within that bundle (The Shire to Mordor or Return of the King) by tapping view all challenges.

From view all challenges you can:
  • Check out the status of each Lord of the Rings virtual challenge.

  • Find out which challenges are locked and unlocked. (The next challenge will unlock when you complete 90% of your current challenge.)

  • Link to our website to purchase a Lord of the Rings virtual challenge. You'll need to use a specific join code for Lord of the Rings virtual challenges. Our universal join codes are not valid for specialty or licensed challenges.

  • Join a new unlocked challenge using a join code.

A quick note:

Lord of the Rings virtual challenges are exclusively available on The Conqueror Challenges App. These challenges are not available on The My Virtual Mission website.

Need more help? Start a live chat on our support page of the App or Email our customer support team.

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