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Local Spots are a feature we have added to challenges to give a richer experience, especially where the streetview is limited and/or the highlights of the route isn't well captured.

Each Local Spot will contain photos and video footage on the subject of the Local Spot. An example of this is the "Big 5" on the Kruger Park Virtual Challenge

Local Spots are displayed on the map in 2 ways.

  • As a grey circle with a padlock in the centre. (Locked)

  • As a 2 toned coloured circle. (Unlocked)

How to view a Local Spot:

  1. Join a challenge which has Local Spots (to begin with all of them will be locked).

  2. Post the required distance to unlock a Local Spot.

  3. Access the Local Spot by tapping on the Spot on the Map or clicking the notification.

  4. Tap the photos or videos to enlarge and/or play the content.

Step-by-step guide:

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