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Completing all 5 challenges in the Game of Thrones series
Completing all 5 challenges in the Game of Thrones series
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When you begin the Game of Thrones virtual challenge series, there will be 1 challenge that is locked, The Iron Throne.

In order to unlock The Iron Throne you must complete the other 4 challenges. These 4 challenges do not need to be done in any order, and can also be done at the same time.

Each of the 5 challenges requires a join code, so you will need to purchase/receive 5 Game of Thrones join codes to complete the 5 challenges.

Join codes for our Original challenges or join codes for another licensed challenge will not allow you to join the Game of Thrones challenges.

There is not a dual distance option for any of the Game of Thrones challenges. The distances for the Game of Thrones Virtual Challenges are based on the TV Series.

We used The Wall as a "ruler" because it is known to be 300 miles long. The whole map is at a scale of 1:20, this makes the length suitable for our virtual challenges.

There are 2 modifications we made regarding the character's paths:

First, We excluded Daenerys' journey from Meereen to Vaes Dothrak partially because she travels most of it on the back of Dragon and partially because most of this journey is skipped in the TV series.

The second is Arya's journey to The Twins. Similarly, this has been excluded because the whole journey is represented in a few scenes in the Series and we see nothing of her actually travelling there.

However, both of these are important moments in the character's stories, so they are covered in the content participants receive.

To watch the onboarding tutorial again:

  1. Tap the challenge menu on your Game of Thrones map.

  2. From the dropdown menu, tap settings.

  3. The tutorial is at the top of the page under the close button.

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