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You can now store join codes in The Conqueror App

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The My Join Codes feature allows you to store join codes that you have purchased or been given in the app. This allows you to keep join codes safely in your app for future use without needing to join the challenge.

Before you begin:

  • Join codes that are stored in your My Join Code screen are still not locked to your account, so you are able to gift these join code to a friend. (There is a handy copy button under each unused join code)

  • Join codes that are stored in the My Join Code screen will not be counted as redeemed, so they will still be subject to the expiry date if purchased after Oct 10th 2023.

How to add join codes to the My Join Codes feature:

  • Adding Manually - Type the join code into the space provided and click add.

  • Adding from email - If you have purchased challenges after the release

    date, your Important Registration Information email

    will include a link to automatically save the join codes

    to your app. You need to open your email on the same device that

    you are logged into the app.

  • Purchase challenges in app - these join codes will automatically save into your My Join Code page.

Step-by-step guide:

Other info:

  • A join code that you have gifted can still be kept in your screen however when it is redeemed it will disappear from your My Join Codes page.

  • You can also access the My Join Codes screen by clicking on the icon in the top right of the My Profile screen.

  • After clicking on Join Challenge you will still need to complete the join process by setting your timeframe and choosing your cause.

  • If you have saved join codes in the My Join Code page, they will also show if you go to the Join a Challenge screen and click the Enter Join Code field.

  • This feature is not available on the website version.

  • The expiration date of your join code will display when you tap on the join code.

Need more help? Start a live chat on our support page of the App or Email our customer support team.

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