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As part of the Game of Thrones Challenges we have released a Game of Thrones Medal Hanger designed especially for these medals. This is available to add to the medal bundle at check out.

The Game of Thrones Medal Hanger is designed to hold all 5 of the Game of Thrones Medals on one hanger.

Please note that when you do buy this bundle one of your join codes will be marked with a "+" when this code is used and the challenge completed the hanger will be shipped along with this medal. This is not something that customer service can change or fix for you. So if you use the wrong code for your first challenge you will just need to wait for the next challenge to use the + hanger join code.

After the promotion period the hangers will become available for purchase in the shop and as an add on to the bundle purchase.

To watch the onboarding tutorial again:

  1. Tap the challenge menu on your Game of Thrones map.

  2. From the dropdown menu, tap settings.

  3. The tutorial is at the top of the page under the close button.

Need more help? Start a live chat on our support page of the App or Email our customer support team.

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