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How to access Race Bib, Postcards and Finishers Certificate in the App.
How to access Race Bib, Postcards and Finishers Certificate in the App.

All the content that is emailed to you during a challenge can also be accessed from the rewards page in the App.

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If you ever lose of delete an email and want to access some of the past content of a Conqueror Challenge you can do this by visiting the Rewards page in the specific challenge.

Finding the Rewards page:

  1. Open The Conqueror App.

  2. Go to the Challenge you wish to find content for.

  3. Tap the rocket to dropdown the menu on the right of screen.

  4. Tap Rewards

  5. Tap on the content you are looking for.

Race bibs, Postcards and Finishers Certificates can also be downloaded and if you want, printed out.

How to download a Race bibs, Postcards or Finishers Certificates:

  1. Follow steps above to find the content you desire.

  2. Once you have opened it on your phone you will be able to tap the 3 dots in the top left of the screen.

  3. Tapping Save to Gallery will save this image to your phones photos.

  4. Tapping Share will open your phones sharing options, where you can see the options that you have set up on your phone (the options you see here are not controlled by our app).

  5. Choose what you want to do with this image.

If you are trying to print the image, you could possibly do this from your phone or email it to the device that you would normally print from.

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