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Your "Total distance" explained
Your "Total distance" explained
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We have made a change to the way that total distance displays on My Profile screen.

The new calculation will only count each distance you post regardless of how many challenges that it has been posted to (therefore if you only ever do 1 challenge at a time this will not change anything for you).

However, we were not able to determine if distances from before 15 April 2022 were unique or distances that were posted to multiple challenges, therefore for any Conqueror who posted a distance before 15 April 2022 you will see a combination of how the old (virtual) total distance was calculated prior to this date, plus the Actual distance that you posted after this date.

Please note if you manually post distance and you choose to post the same distance to different challenges in a series of posts (rather than selecting multiple challenges) these will be counted as unique distances and counted twice.

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