If you have not connected your Strava Account to The Conqueror Challenges App yet, please click here for the step by step guide to do this.

Trouble Shooting:

  • It is possible that Stava has had an outage, so it is a good idea to check their app or their website to check this first.

  • Your privacy settings in Strava MUST be set as viewable by "Everyone" or "Followers". This can be found in the Strava app from, Settings>>>Privacy Controls

  • Please check in your Strava account that there are not any outstanding policy updates that you need to agree to i.e. Privacy policy etc.

  • Only distances AFTER you connect Strava to The Conqueror will come in. i.e. It will not import any distances prior to the time you make the connection

  • If having issues, please double check that you have connected The Conqueror to the correct Strava account. Some people accidentally have 2 Strava accounts with one being active and one being inactive. (Usually if they sign up with Facebook and then email)

  • Sometimes there can be a delay of an hours from when you complete a Strava activity and when it gets sent to our App

  • Posting preferences - You may have intentionally or accidentally disabled Strava as a source for a challenge. Check out the article here for more on this. 

  • Please note: If you delete a distance in Strava it will not be deleted in the Conqueror. You will need to delete it manually.

  • If after doing all this troubleshooting your devices is still not sync, email support at [email protected] with the following details:

  1. The phone that your are using (E.G iPhone X, etc)

  2. Your current Operating System on your Phone

  3. If you are using a watch or device to import data to Strava.

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