Strava troubleshooting

What to do if Strava isn't working.

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If you haven't connected your Strava to The Conqueror App yet, follow our step-by-step guide to do this first.

Troubleshooting Strava issues:

  • From time to time, Strava has outages. Check the Strava app or website to find out if there has been an outage.

  • In the Strava app, check your privacy settings are set as viewable by everyone or followers. In the Strava app, tap settings, then tap privacy controls.

  • In the Strava app, check there are not any outstanding policy updates you need to agree to, e.g. Privacy policy.

  • The Conqueror App will only record distances/steps taken after the Strava app is connected. It will not record distances/steps taken before the app was connected.

  • Check you have connected The Conqueror App to the correct (active) Strava account.

  • Sometimes there is a delay of an hour between completing a Strava activity and this data appearing on The Conqueror App.

  • Check posting preferences in The Conqueror App. You may have intentionally or accidentally disabled Strava as a source for a challenge. Read this article to learn more.

  • If you delete a distance in Strava it will not be deleted in The Conqueror App. You will need to delete it manually.

  • If our troubleshooting tips don't work and your device still won't sync, email support at [email protected] with the following details:

  1. The make of phone (e.g iPhone X).

  2. The current operating system on your phone (e.g. iOS 15.5).

  3. If you're using a watch or device to import data to Strava.

Need more help? Start a live chat on our support page of the App or Email our customer support team.

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