If you have not connected your Fitbit to The Conqueror App yet, please click here for the step by step guide to do this.


We now receive 2 types of data from Fitbit:

  1. Steps - steps taken while wearing the Fitbit.

  2. "Exercise" - activity that has been recorded after tapping "Exercise" on the Fitbit. (any steps that occur during an "exercise" will be ignored from your steps.)

Steps will post to your mission once per 24 hours after midnight. You can also manually post step using the instructions below. The steps will be back dated to the day they occurred.

"Exercise" distances (which we will only use the steps recorded in that exercise) will post to The Conqueror App once the Fitbit has synced with the Fitbit App. (Please note the exact time it will take to appear in The Conqueror will vary depending on how busy both Fitbit and The Conqueror databases are at the time)

Trouble Shooting:

  • It is possible that Fitbit has had an outage, so it is a good idea to check their app or their website to check this first.

  • Your first Fitbit steps will be posted to your Challenge the day after you connect your Fitbit. (as long as you have internet access)

  • The steps that The Conqueror will sync with is the only the data that has been synced with the Fitbit App on your Smart Phone. Therefore if the Fitbit has not synced with the Smart Phone we cannot receive this data. If the Fitbit has not synced with the Smart Phone App for multiple days, when it does, the "Steps" from previous days will sync with The Conqueror immediately, as will the "Exercise" that has been completed.

  • Make sure that the time zone of your Fitbit account matches with the time zone in your The Conqueror Settings. Here are the steps to check this:

  1. Open your Fitbit account on your phone and in the top left click on your picture.

  2. Click on App Settings.

  3. In the time zone, select your time zone or just take a look at your available time zone. If you have the automatic option you the time zone will be greyed out. You can also select the timezone of your choice if you disable the Automatic option.

  4. Refer to your Conqueror App and click on the hamburger icon to the lower right.

  5. From the options, select Settings.

  6. From that section, make sure that the time zone is the same one that you have on your Fitbit account. Sometimes the time zone names may vary but as long as you use the correct GMT reference, you should be good to go.

  7. Click Submit at the bottom.

Here are the above steps in action:

  • Make sure that for each Challenge that you want your Fitbit data to post to, that your posting preferences are set up correctly. See this article about posting preferences. The default setting is to post all data to all missions so unless you have changed anything, you will be set up ok.

  • Please check that your privacy settings in you Fitbit account are not preventing Fitbit from sending us your data. (Disconnecting and Reconnecting to Fitbit in The Conqueror should prompt these options to show)

  • If after doing all this troubleshooting your devices is still not sync, email support at [email protected] with the following details:

  1. The phone that your are using (E.G iPhone X, etc)

  2. Your current Operating System on your Phone

  3. The make of Fitbit you are using


Once you have successfully connected your Fitbit to The Conqueror App there is now a way to manually post your steps from the current day.

In the Conqueror App tap the "Progress" icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen and you will see the pending steps for the day that your Fitbit App has sent to our database. By tapping that box you will have the option of posting these steps immediately rather than waiting to the end of the day.

Please note that if you are on more than 1 challenge the challenges that appear on this screen (and are not greyed out) will receive the steps. You can tap on the challenge icon to toggle it on or off.

Steps that have been done during an "Exercise" on your Fitbit device will not be shown in the pending steps. These will have already been sent to The Conqueror separately with the specific exercise type.

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