Note: You may be required to go into the App Store to update The Conqueror to get the latest version of Apple Health Connection.

Requirements to connect with Apple Health:

  1. An iPhone with Apple Health enabled and running iOS v 12.4 or greater

  2. The latest version of The Conqueror app installed from the App Store

  3. A The Conqueror App/My Virtual Mission account (the same account will work for both)

Please note that we post Apple Health data to a challenge every 6-10 hours. So you will not see any distance being posted to your mission until this period of time.

Steps to Connect to Apple Health:

  1. In the main screen, refer to the lower pane and select the last icon to the right as shown below.

  2. Select Connections from the options

  3. From the Connection screen, find the Apple Health option, click on "Connect"

  4. Click "Connect with Apple Health"

  5. This will automatically into Apple Health, enable ALL 3 options (otherwise the connection may not work), then click on Allow to the top right.

  6. If you now visit the "Post a distance screen" you will see your current daily distance.

Here are the steps in visual form:

How to post pending Apple Health steps:

Your daily steps can be posted more regularly than 24 hourly, by using the semi-automated posting feature.

  1. In the main screen, refer to the lower pane and select Post a Distance (first icon to the left)

  2. Click on the Apple Health Walking + Running bar (the distance shown here should always reflect what you see in Apple Health, as shown below)

  3. Add any Photo / Comment you wish, choose the mission(s) that it will post to.

  4. Click "Post".

  5. Check the details and click "Confirm"

  6. You will see the activity post.

  7. You will also see that the pending distance has gone to 0.0mi/km.

Here are the steps in visual form:

Apple Health Cycling

Any cycling that is entered into Apple Health (via an Apple Watch workout or from another App) can also be used as a Conqueror distance. It will also show as a separate Pending distance that you can post manually.

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