1. When connecting an Apple Watch and an iPhone to The Conqueror you are likely to get duplicate distances if you carry both devices. See below for solution.

  2. When using an Apple Watch if you "Start a Workout" using the fitness app on your watch this data will not be sent to The Conqueror currently. Should you wish to record a workout click here for a way around this. However, if it is walking or running outdoors your steps will be recorded without starting a workout. (We are working to improve this feature at the moment).

When tracking Apple Watch Steps, it is actually still Apple Health which is sending data to The Conqueror, therefore the connection you need to make in our connections menu is to Apple Health. Once that has been established, you will need to do some steps with your Apple Watch and once these have been detected your Apple Watch will display in the "manage your connections" drop-down.

It is important to untick your iPhone if you intend to receive all step data from your Apple Watch.

As long as the steps that you take while wearing your Apple Watch are not done in "workout" mode they should all be brought into your Conqueror Challenge(s) every 6 hours, or when you click the "post your Apple Health steps" button on the Progress page in the app.

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