This information is in reference to Conqueror challenges

Motto – “Make Every Mile Count”

The Conqueror Challenges are designed with complete flexibility and the intent is for each participant to choose the preferred way to complete the challenge/s based on their own personal circumstances and objectives.

Can I do multiple challenges at the same time?


You can participate in more than one challenge at a time and you can choose to complete them all at the same time or one after the other.

Many people choose to daisy chain the challenges together and complete them at the same time as distance targets are reached.

Other people like to complete one challenge before starting another one.

Either way is perfectly fine and completely up to you!

If you want to complete them one after the other then it is advisable to not join the challenge until you are ready to post distances to it, however you can still purchase as many challenge entries as you like and then join the challenge when you are ready to start.

Can I apply the same activities to multiple challenges?


You can choose where to post each activity. You can either

1. Apply the activity to all challenges that you are on


2. Allocate the activity to specific challenges i.e. Have your running distances post to one challenge and your cycling activities posting to another.

Information about how to manage this can be found here

There is no limitation as to what activities are applied to active challenges, be they walking, cycling, swimming etc. You can use all your steps in the course of the day or specific steps relevant to intentional exercising. Any activity that can be measured in distance may be applied. A conversion chart is available to convert activities such as weights, climbing, yoga etc into miles/kms.

Wouldn’t using the same activities on multiple challenges be considered “cheating”?


Posting the same activity to multiple challenges is perfectly fine and can add to motivation as you will be "continuing on" from one challenge to the next.

The challenges are designed to get you moving and doing more than “normal”. If you find motivation in doing more than one challenge at the same time and using the same activities then it has had the desired effect, which is to get you moving more.

Each person has different motivators and you should choose the one that suits you and meets your needs.

Can I use activities I have completed prior to my start date?


It is up to you to decide whatever amount of activities you wish to back date to.

You can manually input these backdated distances and you can add a note in the comment box if you wish (optional).

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